Monday, April 15, 2013

You Need Vector File? Use Online Convert to Make a JPEG into a Vector File

On May 24th, my school district has our technology fair to showcase the technology our students and teachers are using to improve learning.  We give some type of gift to the participants to show our appreciation, and this year we will be giving ear buds with our technology fair logo on it.

As we were speaking to our vendor, she asked if we had a logo and yes we do.  She said that was great and to send to her it as a vector file.  A what?  As good technology coaches, we did not ask any questions and said sure we could.  Two seconds later we googled it and learned what it was.  From what I can best tell, a vector file is a graphic design image that can be placed onto pens, cups, ear buds, flash drives, etc, and one of the file extensions is eps.

So how do you create a vector (eps) file from jpeg?  Using Online Convert, you upload your image and the website will convert it for you, no sign in required.  You can simply download the converted file.  However, how do you view your new file without a vector or eps program to run it?

Voila, you can Microsoft Word to view it; I am using the 2010 and not sure if it works on older versions of Word.
  1. Go to Insert
  2. Insert a Picture
  3. Where it states "All Pictures" choose "Encapsulated PostScript" - Long for eps.
  4. Choose Insert and your new image will appear.

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