Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Need to Review Terms for EOC: Try Flashcard Stash

 Flashcard Stash - I like this site a lot for its searchable vocabulary lists, types of activities, and the lists can be embedded into a website.  Teachers create an account and the fun begins with searching for lists.  Teachers can create their own lists but again, it is that time of year, and time (see #3 above) is lacking.  Once a teacher finds a list she likes, the students can do several activities:
  1. Learning Mode - Students click on word and get definition.
  2. Practice Mode - There are two parts to practice mode.  In one part of the practice, you are given the definition, and you must type the vocabulary word.  As you type the vocabulary word, blue means you are getting it correct and red means it is wrong.  The second part of the practice you are given the word and must choose from a list of definitions before time runs out.
  3. Match Game - You drag words to match definitions.
  4. Waterfall - Reminds me of Tetris, but you don't have to move blocks to fit into a section.  Anyway, definitions scroll down from the top.  Before the definition gets to the bottom of the screen, you need have to type the vocabulary word up top.
Once you choose the list you want, you can embed the list and all the activities above into your website.  See below.

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