Monday, April 15, 2013

Little Bird Tales: Not Just for the "Little" Birds

Little Bird Tales is a free web-based story building tool.  It is extremely user-friendly and ridiculously easy to use.  After registering for their free account, teachers can add students and/or multiple classes.  Little Bird Tales allows teachers to create assignments for students, share their assignments with other teachers, while also providing students a creative platform to build their own projects.  The website hosts all of the tales eliminating the need to save the projects on a flash drive. Users can edit at any time, as long as they remember their username and password.
Little Bird Tales even has a Common Core Standards Template where teachers can preview lessons that address the Common Core Standards.  In our district, students in grades K-5 have created projects and completed assignments with this tool.  Don't let the name fool you, by no means necessary is this just for elementary students.

See how to create, assign, and share in using Little Bird Tales. 

Embed your Little Bird Tales into your webpage.

Student View of Little Bird Tales.

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