Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Website Not Loading Properly: Try Compatibility View in IE

Learned something quite easy today and new.  We have an IT work order system in our district.  However, it does not work using Internet Explorer (IE) so up to now we have opened Firefox to make it work.  Now, you are probably asking, "Why don't you use Forefox or Chrome all of the time?"  Well, IE works for most of our websites and the others do not.  I guess it has something to do with our Firewall, but I'm not a IT person.

So back to the original problem, we have to open Firefox to use our work order system.  One of our techs saw this and said, "Why don't you click on the 'compatibility view' in IE?"  What is the compatibility view you say?  When you are in IE, if the website you are at does not work fully in the current version of IE you are running, you will be what looks like a page break in the address bar.  You left-click on this once and Bam!, the website will become fully functional.

I'm sure those of us at GCSD will be happy to hear less to solve websites problems, "Try another browser."

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