Friday, March 15, 2013

Using PADLET to Showcase Projects

We have been sharing with some of our teachers lately, a tool that allows them to showcase their student projects. The tool is called PADLET, formerly known as Wallwisher.  It is located at  Most often, we have created the sites or “pages” with teachers so the students can post notes to the page in response to a question or to share thoughts.  Now we have started using the online bulletin board tool as a way to share  things like the students' respose to an essential question, written documents, posters, Power Points and Weebly Web pages.  We make sure to adjust the Privacy Settings so a teacher has to approve a piece before it goes live on the web.  Be sure to observe all of the precautions for Internet safety for our students, conforming to the CIPA and COPPA laws. 
Watch the very basic video tutorial below and start showcasing your students’ work online.


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