Thursday, February 14, 2013

Two Tools - One Presentation

This post will feature a video of how to embed the HTML Code from a Voki Avatar ( into a Weebly Webpage ( The cool thing about this is that it allows you to use one tool to create a talking avatar, and then use it as a part of another Web 2.0 Tool by putting the Avatar directly into your Weebly Web page.

You will need to have created the Voki ahead of time...and be on an already created Weebly. Once both pieces are in place, have both the Voki and the Weebly tabs available so that you can move easily between the sites.

1. In the Voki: After you have created a Voki Avatar character and given him or her an audio message to relate. Then click Publish. On the right side you will see a box that gives you an Embed Code. Click into the code and then click the Copy button right above the box. You are now ready to move to the Weebly.

2. In the Weebly: While on one of your pages, click on into the "Elements" tab. On the top left you will see the word "Basic" under the Weebly Editor. Click to make sure you are in Basic. Then on the far right, you will see a box called HTML. Drag and Drop this box into you page. Wait on it to settle...then click in the box and Paste the Embed Code from your Voki into this box. Click outside the box and wait a few seconds. You should see your Voki inside your Weebly.

Good luck.

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  1. I like taking two technology tools and using them together to create a great project.