Friday, February 1, 2013

Solve Your Communication Problem with Parents and Students

Teachers and Administrators,

It is halfway through the school year, and it is time again for report cards to go out.  Inevitably you will have a parent or two come see you and ask why her son has such a low grade.  The parent doesn't understand the grade because her child states there is never any work to do in your classroom even though you regularly give homework, quizzes, and tests.  How will you improve your communication with the parent?  I have the perfect solution, and it is called Remind 101.

Remind 101 is exactly what its name states; it is a reminder service.  Texts messages go from you the teacher to the students and parents.  You are probably saying something sarcastic like, "Great, I will have parents' and students' phone numbers, they will have mine, and worse they will be replying to me all night.  No thank you!!."  Remind 101 does not allow any of this which is one of the reasons I recommend the service.  Here is a list of reasons to use it.

1) It is FREE!!!

2) It is an opt-in program.  You create groups, get unique codes for each group, and share with parents and students to sign up.

2) Remind parents and students of upcoming tests, quizzes, etc.  It has a schedule feature so you can post your comments and have them sent at a later time.

3) It is a reminder feature so it is one-way traffic.  You text them, but they can't reply to you.

3) No phone numbers are shared.  They do not see your number, and you do not see their number.  You do see user names in case you need to delete a user.

4) Let students and parents know that standard message rates apply so they should only use the service if they have an unlimited plan because you plan on communicating with them a lot!!

5) There is an app for that.  Both iPhone and Android has an app you can use.

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