Monday, February 3, 2014

Take a Chance on Success

Try these three things to get you on your way to becoming more computer savvy.
1.  Explore a Tool.
Most are very "intuitive."  Who out there has a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account?  Who taught you how to do those?  Did you go to a class to learn how to use them?  Probably not.  You most likely just worked your way around and learned it on your own or even asked someone to show you.  Spend 10 minutes a day trying out a new tool.  If you can find a video tutorial on the tool, that is even better.

2.  Connect to a PLN.
Twitter, Edmodo, Remind 101, Wiki ... are all examples of Professional Learning Networks.  There are hundreds of them. Having is one thing. Using is another. It's like owning a boat:  you can't wait to get it, ride a few times, fish, etc., but for most folks, it sits on a trailer or at the dock. Set the tools to notify you as to your preferences.  Most tools have a way they can do this easily.  Check your PLN regularly.  Actively involve yourself.

3.  Take the Next Step. 
Read a Blog. Start a blog. Create a Weebly. Turn the resources you have into a Performance Task.  Make a Photo Story or Movie. Learn to edit.

     By nature, we move forward. How many of you have kids…or have been around those first learning to walk?  They pull themselves along, then crawl, then toddle, then walk.  But if you watch carefully, when they first start to get up, and they fall…they generally fall forward.  Up, balance, hold on for support, and take a first step... maybe a second step. Fall forward. FORWARD!!!  Then UP...and FAIL again until we progress... 2-3-4 steps... SUCCESS! 
     Kids then begin running, hopping, skipping... are pulling your hair out... Oh sorry, that's when it transfers over to the parents.

      The point being that we succeed when we move forward, a little at a time at first until we gain the confidence to move faster.  Take a chance on success for your own sake... And for those you lead.

If you only get one thing from this blog post, think on this: 

I believe people aren't so much afraid of FAILING... But afraid they will SUCCEED and do nothing with it!



  1. Love the last line of this Blog.

  2. Right on, Keith!! I think that sometimes, however, especially for teachers, they're anxious to try new technologies but fear, rightly so, that the time it takes to really explore them (it?) is more time than they have or can give. Perhaps that's why PD days that give teachers time not to listen to a speaker for 6 hours but to explore, with guidance, 'tools' that can make them better teachers and their students better learners! Nancy

  3. What a GREAT post KB!! This is inspirational because it's absolutely the truth. I do agree with Nancy about teachers wanting to try new technologies but fearing that it may take more time than they have to master it. I'm guilty of this. I start exploring and then something else comes up and I get side tracked. I'm going to try to step up my game and hope that I don't fall "backwards". It could happen. Thanks for the awesome pep talk!