Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Do you "PODCAST"?

In this digital age, we write, we post, we download, we upload, we subscribe, we Instagram, we Tweet, we follow, we unfollow, we invite Friends, we Facebook, we Vine, we Snap Chat, we "Like" and just like you and I are doing at this very moment...we Blog.  All of these are great ways to share, communicate and collaborate.  Well, in case you haven't had the opportunity to try this one out, let me introduce you to the Podcast.

There are a lot of great podcast tools out there.  Many of the podcast tools are free...but, as with "free", there are limits to what you get for that..."price."

  • Some podcast tools are host sites - meaning they allow you to upload a previously recorded audio file, made with a different tool, to their host site.

  • Some of the podcast tools have a "recording" feature and also serve as a host site.  Most often than not, these kinds of sites are a better deal, but this kind of deal may come with a fee.  Not that there's anything wrong with just depends on what works best for you.  A podcast could be very beneficial to the auditory learners in your class.

  • Some of the podcast tools include editing features, but many do not.  You may have to use a third party tool to do the editing, or adding of background music if you so choose.

Along with the fun you'll have coming up with great podcast ideas, the byproduct is that a podcast allows students to develop several skills that they can use across the entire curriculum, such as: improving research and information fluency,  developing problem solving skills, refining time management and organizational skills,  and becoming better writers and public speakers.

Most of the readers of this Blog have probably listened to a podcast of some kind?  Maybe you've listened to a podcast of a sermon, an inspirational speaker, the head of a successful company or an author.

But how would you use it as an educator?  Here are a few suggestions:

Record your lesson activity for students
Create audible homework assignments
Report classroom news for Parents
Record your "guest speakers" (with their permission)

Practice storytelling and presentation skills
Record classroom announcements
Do "commercials" for a school program or play
Create a newscast

Record Weekly Bulletins
Record your "State of the School Address"
Send an Audible Invitation to your school's PTO, SIC or Open House

Take a look for what's out there on the Internet.  Search for the podcast tool, editing tool, and other podcast ideas that might fit your needs and style.

Here are  couple of sites that list Podcast tools:

See you...I mean hear you later,


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