Sunday, August 25, 2013

A simple adjustment leads to a collaborative environment

Last week as myself, Keith and Marc were working in the office to prepare for the upcoming school year, we realized that our current office setup was hindering a collaborative atmosphere. 

Marc and Keith currently share an office while I am situated in a cubicle 15 feet from their door. Last Tuesday,  as I sat in my cubicle, I heard sounds of collaboration coming from their open office.  I listened intently as a small idea was presented and the two worked together to weave that idea into a viable plan.  Instantly, I knew I wanted to be a part of this! It was clearly evident that collaboration was being used to take their ideas beyond what either one could accomplish on an individual level.

I knew that I had to get in on this collaboration!  So I approached them about completely moving our office space around.  Being the awesome guys they are, we quickly equipped ourselves with a hand truck, and a tool set.  In the hour and a half that followed we literally moved hundreds of pounds of filing cabinets, took down walls of a cubicle, and thoroughly worked up a sweat in our slacks, button down long sleeve shirts, and ties!

What we were left with though, was an environment that encourages collaboration between the 3 of us.   In the short time since the office rearrangement, we have worked together to develop ideas and plans that will allow us to be more effective and efficient technology coaches.

So I encourage you to join the conversations at your school, break down barriers that may be negatively effecting collaboration, and create an environment that is open to new ideas!

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