Thursday, September 20, 2012

Keeping Up Appearances

Imagine that someone called you at home to say that they were in town, and wanted to stop by to visit.  They tell you that they will arrive at your house in about 30 minutes.  Not bad, you think to yourself…I have time to straighten up the place.  Now imagine that someone calls to say that they are in the neighborhood and wanted to drop by and say hello, and that they will arrive in about 10 minutes.  Well, not a lot of time…but I can throw laundry in the back room, fluff the pillows and at least put dishes in the sink before the guest gets to the house.  But what happens when the person is a “Pop-In” visitor?  Sometimes they just stop by, unannounced, and come in to see what’s happening, and either finds that not much is going on, or that the place is unorganized and not ready for company.

 Most of us have experienced one or more of these scenarios.  It’s just about the same when you have visitors to your Web Site…except…ALL of the visitors are “Pop-Ins.”  Make sure your site is in order, up-to-date, and frequently checked.  Be ready to welcome your visitors.


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