Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Tech Secure Dozen

With the advancement of technology in the classroom, it is more and more important that we take all of the precautions possible to keep our accounts secure.  One-to-One devices give students better, faster and a more wide-ranging access to the tools that make school work more efficient. 
The more devices and logins also increases the opportunity for those that have nothing better to do with their time than to try and “hack” other’s accounts.  This is why is it so very important that we take the steps to keep our accounts safe and secure. 

Here are some hints to help:

1.  Don’t use your name or birthday as your password.
2.  Change your passwords on a regular basis or as instructed to do by your school’s I.T. Department.
3.  Memorize passwords. (I know this can be a challenge if you have accounts to lots of sites)
4.  Don’t write down your password, and then keep it on, under or near your laptop or other device.
There are several SECURE APPS for your phone that will keep your accounts secure. 
5.  NEVER share your passwords with Friends…especially don’t write it down on paper and give it to anyone.
6.  Don’t share your passwords in an email, text, or on any Social Media site.
7.  Don’t walk away from your device with any open windows or tools or drives exposed for anyone to access.
8.  Never OPEN STRANGE emails.  If you don’t know who sent it, and know that they are a trusted source, do not open the email.  It may contain a virus that could harm your computer and/or your network.
9.  Sign OUT of accounts when you are finished using the site or tools.  This is especially important if you share your device with other students throughout the school day.
10.  When sharing a document or presentation through a learning platform (Office 365, Google, etc.) be careful not to give editing rights to the recipients unless you are sure that’s what you want to do.  (It is a good idea to make a copy and share the Copy, so as to maintain the integrity of the original.)
11.  Close or Delete accounts that you no longer need.
12.  If you use a Single Server Sign On…make sure it is SECURE and LOG OUT of it each time you are finished working…and especially when you leave for the day.  Logging out and Closing Out are very different.  LOG OUT!

I often give my students this little analogy:  If you go to a mall or big box store, you should always lock your car doors before going inside.  You would never just leave your car doors wide open, would you?  Do the same with your accounts online…sign or log out, close down and lock those “doors.”

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