Monday, June 22, 2015

Technology Class - MORE than Just Technology

I need to take a class to get some recertification points ore hours for my teaching certificate.  I know, I’ll take a Technology Class.  Well guess what?  A Technology class is MORE than just technology.
There has to be a paradigm shift from “Show me a cool tool to use with my class.” – to – “Let me show you my lesson, and I want you to help me find a way to integrate technology into my session.”  Once that occurs, the mind has been opened to a different tactic and strategy for using technology with your students.

What laws govern the use of the Internet?  Well let’s see…there’s CIPA, COPPA, and FERPA.  I suggest you do a little research into what those mean for you.

In the process of taking a technology class, we should also take time to review good teaching strategies.  The Nine Differentiated Instruction Strategies in the book, “Classroom Instruction that Works” by Robert Marzano (et. al) is an excellent source.

The principle of TPACK that includes a summary review of Technology, Knowledge and Pedagogy is a wonderful place to refocus.

The International Society of Technology Educators (ISTE) Standards for using technology in the classroom gives a great perspective of what is important for Administrators, Teachers, Curriculum coaches and Students.  The Digital Citizenship section alone is a must.

After there is a basic understanding of the foundations of technology in the classroom, then, and only then, will the learner and their learner’s students be able to understand a appreciate the use of the many tools that are out there for us to enhance what we do in the class.

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