Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Six Presentation Ideas

Mr. Schoen, teacher at Waccamaw High, and Dr. Goggans, ELA Curriculum Coach, have Mr. Schoen's students creating presentations on gender and learning styles.  They asked me to share with the students presentation ideas.  I came up with six for them and all are FREE!!!

The first three are computer based:
1) PowerPoint - I added the 10-20-30 guideline by Guy Kawasaki which is no more then 10 slides, presentation shorter then 20 minutes, and the font on all slides is to be 30 size or larger.
2) Microsoft Publisher - Students can use the Flyer template for a digital poster.
3) PhotoStory 3 - Students can import images and create a movie.

The second three are web-based:
4) Create a website using Weebly.
5) Create a wiki using PbWorks.
6) Create a Prezi.

Below is the video I made for the class to highlight these tools.

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